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Next Conferences
Hot and dense QCD in the LHC era, Santiago de Compostela
Heavy ion collisions in the LHC era, Quy Nhon (Vietnam) to be announced
Hot Quarks 2012 - Puerto Rico - To be announced

Recent conferences organized by the group

Low-x Meeting 2011 (Hotel San Francisco, Santiago de Compostela, June 2-7 2011)
Hot Quarks 2010 (La Londe les Maures, French Riviera, June 21-26, 2010).
Workshop on High-Density QCD at the LHC and in Cosmic Rays (USC, Feb 2-4, 2009)
Hot Quarks 2008 (Aspen Lodge, Estes Park, Colorado, USA, August 18-23, 2008).
Hard Probes 2008 (Illa de A Toxa, Pontevedra, Spain, June 8th-14th 2008).
Heavy Ion Collisions at the LHC - Last Call for Predictions (CERN, May 14th-June 8th 2007).
Workshop on Hadronic Physics at High Energies (USC, Feb. 10th-11th 2006).






IGFAE and USC Phenomenology Group .......