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Dipole-proton cross section

The imaginary part of the dipole-proton scattering amplitude is available as a FORTRAN routine for public used. This quantity has been fitted to lepton-proton data using the Balitsky-Kovchegov evolution equations with running coupling. More details can be found at

J. L. Albacete, N. Armesto, J. G. Milhano and C. A. Salgado, arXiv:0902.1112

Please refer to this publication when using the routine.

In order to compute the dipole cross section, simply multiply the output from the routine by the corresponding constant values

sigma0=31.59 mb for GBW initial conditions

sigma0=32.77 mb for MV initial conditions

To download the code, please follow this link



The code has been updated to work properly with some old compilers. If you find any problem, please, let us know





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